"Momento" is an interactive and mechanical installation that encourages reflection regarding the notion of time and the resonance of an action within it.


The installation includes several spheres with a sandy, eroded appearance that resembles natural objects such as corals, sponges or the fruit of a mysterious plant.

One of these spheres has a larger diameter than the others and is suspended from the ceiling, this constitutes a pendulum, a symbol of time passing. It also refers to Foucault's pendulum, as well as a demolition stone - a balance between the world and destruction!

The other spheres are arranged on steel rods attached to white rectangular bases that are placed on the ground. They face the sky in the opposite direction to the pendulum, they are the counter-forms of the pendulum. Some are very damaged and have been victims of time passed, while others are almost smooth.

Sand, a universal theme of our exhibition, seems to have trickled through the spheres and is on the ground as a witness of the past, a witness of evanescence but also of eternity!

Spectators can wander through this aesthetic space, simple but intriguing reinforced by a metronomic sound atmosphere: the Tic-Toc of time passing, but also the suspense that something will happen!

The spectator becomes an actor:

The big clock invites him to manipulate it, and it is here that the installation will come to life.

It can be pushed, moved, on an axis or in a circular way, it can be manipulated in any direction. The latter will act on the spheres around him like a magnet.  When he approaches a sphere, it recedes. The stronger the movement, the more the spheres recede violently.

The interaction with the installation is supported by mechanical and harmonious noises that are added according to the intensity of the movement. The viewer is in a fascinating, hypnotic environment, driven by his rhythm.

Once it is launched it will gradually be restored to return to a position of calm and balance and all spheres that constitute the facility.

What seems to be an invisible magnetic field is in fact realised by mechanical and electronic means which are hidden in the bases of the work: Sensors, servomotors, loudspeakers...

Installation created in collaboration with artist Olaf Czeschner and sound-designer Jérome Hoffmann.