studio bullet time 

Fully automated and equipped with 72 SLRs arranged in a circle, Studio 360° allows dynamic shooting on a green background for synchronised or desynchronised rendering (Matrix effect).

Jump, dance, pose with your friends or colleagues to capture movement in the setting of your choice. Within one minute of the shoot you will receive your 360° photo by email, a memory made just for you or to be shared with friends on social networks.

Studio 360° is the "WOW" animation to impress your guests at corporate parties, opening events and weddings! A fun and innovative Matrix effect!

how does it work?

Our technology enables real time trimming for a photo or 3D image using an external monitor back.

Studio 360° can accommodate up to 20 people per photo and over 1200 people at an evening event.

Organisers can also measure the marketing and communication success of their event via our webcasting platform (email open rates, social media sharing).

available for rent or sale

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